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Competition is reshaping the business of electricity generation, transmission and distribution. Deregulation and the unbundling of services are creating uncertainties as well as opportunities in the industry.


Our idea is very simple: empower the people involved in the power industry by providing the knowledge, the skills and the tools to be successful in the increasingly competitive market environment.


Founded in 1997, iEnergy has become one of Australia's leading provider of forecasting and market information system.

Our Services

Our Servuces
Electricity Trading System

Successful trading and bidding into a competitive electricity pool  requires the ability to respond quickly to the changing market  conditions.


iPool provides the features required to enable quick and appropriate market responses:


  • Volume position and exposure

  • Financial position and exposure

  • Short term and intra-day forecasting

  • Competitor Bid Offer Analysis

  • Fast historical Market Analysis

  • Interactive what If Market Scenarios

Electricity Price Forecasting and Analysis

Forecasting Short and Medium Term Electricity Pool Prices and  Generation, iPool uses accurate Market Bid-Based dispatch optimization  and has Intelligent Bid Behaviour Modelling that responds dynamically to  changing market conditions using Fuzzy Inference System technology.

Electricity Customer Load Profiling/Pricing

The demand profiles of customers can vary according to the industry,  according to the type of calendar day and can have different  volatilities.  iPool can capture and create load models from the  historical demand.   These load models can be used for customer  classification, for forecasting, for pricing and for detecting non  technical loss events.

Meter Data Analysis Module

iPool can load, process, and analyze hundreds of customer's meter data.


  • Load and process varying formats of time intervals – 5, 15, 30 and 60 minute intervals.

  • Determines peak and off-peak energy, load factors, and probability ranges.

  • Display the load profiles of the meter data.

  • Aggregates the load according to user defined classifications, such as by industry type or by substation location.

Meter Irregularity Detection

Detecting and predicting meter data irregularity or what is known as  Non-Technical Loss (NTL) is challenging.   NTL can be caused by  malfunctioning metering equipment but the term is generally a euphemism  for electricity fraud or theft which can be in the form of meter  tampering and illegal connections.  iPool detects and high lights these  irregularities and provides the user a way to adjust the detection  sensitivity.

Under the Hood

The advent of competitive electricity markets and the continuing deployment of the smart grid and Advance Metering Infrastructure in the electricity industry present both challenges and opportunities in the power industry.  The  iPool software provides energy companies and power consumers a user-friendly tool for managing market risk, forecasting prices, profiling and pricing demand in the competitive power industry.


“I’ve used several market and power system simulation software.  I find iEnergy’s iPool software is the most user friendly and you can get immediate and accurate results in simulating the WESM.”

Engr. Ramon Avedillo
Energy Operations Officer, 2017 Meralco


Ready to find out more?

For Demonstration of iPool's Features and Reports, contact us at +61438705526.

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