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Engr. Peter Tang, Manager Market Analysis, Delta Electricity, 2006

“iPool is the best market simulation software package that I've come  across.  It's extremely user friendly and has the best user interface.  It's accuracy is excellent. In addition, its command line options allow  users to automate forecast and scenario analysis jobs. I'm very  satisfied with iPool performance.”

Engr. Ramon Avedillo, Energy Operations Officer, 2017 Meralco

“I’ve used several market and power system simulation software.  I find  iEnergy’s iPool software is the most user friendly and you can get  immediate and accurate results in simulating the WESM.”

Engr. Robert Burns, Manager Forecasting, Eraring Energy, 2002

"to my knowledge there is no other market simulation software system  currently available in Australia that allows the full dynamic  interaction between generator companies in regards to bidding, viewing  results and then rebidding ... "

Engr. Jonathon Dyson, Manager Pool Operations, Loy Yang MMC, 2006

"iEnergy’s iPool system provides us the capability to accurately model  the National Electricity Market and its dynamic interactions and complex  bidding behavior."

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