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Meter Data Analysis and Irregularity Detection


Metering Data Analysis

iPool ‘s  load modeling and object oriented  simulation technology enable fast analysis of large volume of meter data  and detection of  occurrences  of non technical loss events.

Meter Data Analysis

The ability to analyze customer meter data is important in a  competitive retail market.   iPool can load, process, and analyze  hundreds of customer's meter data.


  • Load and process varying formats of time intervals – 5, 15, 30 and 60 minute intervals.

  • Determines peak and off-peak energy, load factors, and probability ranges.

  • Display the load profiles of the meter data.

  • Aggregates the load according to user defined classifications, such as by industry type or by substation location.


Non Technical Loss Detection

 Detecting and predicting meter data irregularity or what is known as  Non-Technical Loss (NTL) is challenging.   NTL can be caused by  malfunctioning metering equipment but the term is generally a euphemism  for electricity fraud or theft which can be in the form of meter  tampering and illegal connections.  iPool detects and high lights these  irregularities and provides the user a way to adjust the detection  sensitivity.

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