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Customer Load Profiling and Pricing


iPool's load profiling and pricing module

iPool's load profiling and pricing module allows  for quick analysis of customer load profile and pricing against  historical and simulated scenarios in the context of one’s portfolio of  supply and demand contracts.

Load Profiling

The demand profiles of customers can vary according to the industry,  according to the type of calendar day and can have different  volatilities.  iPool can capture and create load models from the  historical demand.   These load models can be used for customer  classification, for forecasting, for pricing and for detecting non  technical loss events. iPool:


  • Determines and displays hourly ranges of demand by calendar day

  • Models hourly demand using either averaged or probabilistic load profiles for each calendar day.

  • Determines peak and off peak energy, load factor, volatility and probability ranges.


Load Pricing

The cost of supplying specific customer load can depend on the  level, volatility, and shape of the customer load which can vary for  different calendar days.  iPool determines the corresponding peak and  off-peak energy price against the market and allows the user to specify  tariffs and contracts.   It allows evaluation of different pricing  schemes and specify pricing margins.


  • Determines peak and off-peak energy cost

  • Determines purchase cost of energy

  • Evaluates single rate and Time-of-Use tariffs

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